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Established in 1981, the Universitas Halu Oleo (Halu Oleo University) is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the urban setting of the medium city of Kendari (population range of 250,000-499,999 inhabitants), Southeast Sulawesi. Officially recognized by the Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset, dan Teknologi, Republik Indonesia (Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Republic of Indonesia), Universitas Halu Oleo (UNHALU) is a large-sized (uniRank enrollment range: 15,000-19,999 students) coeducational Indonesian higher education institution. Universitas Halu Oleo (UNHALU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and doctorate degrees in several areas of study. See the uniRank degree levels and areas of study table below for further details. This 42-year-old Indonesian higher-education institution has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations and students' past academic records and grades. The acceptance rate range is 10-19% making this Indonesian higher education organization an extremely selective institution. UNHALU also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, housing, sports facilities, study abroad and exchange programs, online courses and distance learning opportunities, as well as administrative services.

University Snapshot


Universitas Halu Oleo's Control Typepublic


Universitas Halu Oleo's Entity Typenon-profit


Universitas Halu Oleo' Size by Total Enrollmentlarge-sized


Universitas Halu Oleo's Selectivity by Acceptance Rateextremely selective

University Identity

Name (English) Halu Oleo University
Acronym UNHALU
Founded 1981
Colours Yellow
Video Presentation

University Location

Address Jalan H.E.A. Mokodompit No. 1
93232 Southeast Sulawesi
Universitas Halu Oleo's location map and satellite view Location Map and Satellite View
Universitas Halu Oleo Phone Number +62 (401) 390 105
Universitas Halu Oleo Fax Number +62 (401) 390 006

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Fields of Study / Degree Levels


What is the difference between comprehensive/generalist and specialized universities in terms of the range of fields of study they offer, degree levels available and academic and carreer paths pros and cons? Read our guide article about generalist and specialized universities to learn more.

Fields of Study and Degree Levels Matrix

The following Universitas Halu Oleo's Fields of Study/Degree Levels Matrix is divided into 6 main fields of study and 4 levels of degrees, from the lowest undergraduate degree to the highest postgraduate degree. This matrix aims to help quickly identify Universitas Halu Oleo's academic range and degree level offering.

Programs and Courses

Courses and Programs

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You can also explore our new A-Z Guide to 8,100 University Programs, Courses and Degrees to learn more about study outlines and typical duration, tuition ranges, career prospects, salary expectations of each course/program/degree.

Tuition Fees


Yearly tuition fees refers to the amount of money that a student is charged by a University for one academic year of full-time study. Read our guide article about tuition fees and financial aid options to learn more.

Yearly Tuition Fees Range Matrix

This Universitas Halu Oleo's Tuition Fees Range Matrix is divided into 2 types of students, local and international students, and 2 degree levels, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and aims to help students to have an approximate idea of the yearly tuition range they might expect to pay at Universitas Halu Oleo.

Universitas Halu Oleo: Tuition Fees Range Matrix

Undergraduate Postgraduate
0-999 US$
(0-910 Euro)
1,000-2,499 US$
(910-2,280 Euro)
Not reported Not reported

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Applying for admission is the first step towards achieving students' academic and career goals and accessing the many opportunities and resources that a university has to offer. Read our "Introduction to University Admissions" article to learn more.

Admission Information

uniRank publishes below some basic Universitas Halu Oleo's admission information.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Gender Admission Policy Gender Admission

This institution admits Men and Women (coed).

Universitas Halu Oleo's Admission Selection Admission Selection

Has Universitas Halu Oleo a selective admission policy? Yes, based on entrance examinations and students' past academic records and grades.

Acceptance Rate Admission Rate

Universitas Halu Oleo's acceptance rate range is 10-19% making this institution an extremely selective higher education institution.

Universitas Halu Oleo's International Students Admission International Students Admission

International students are welcome to apply for admission at this institution.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Admission Office Admission Office

Biro Akademik dan Kemahasiswaan UHO, Gedung Kuning UHO Lt.1. Jln HEA Mokodompit No.1
Kendari 93232

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Size and Profile


University size and profile can be important factors to consider when choosing a university. Here are some potential reasons why University size and profile can affect students when choosing a university.

Size and Profile

uniRank publishes below some major size and profile indicators for Universitas Halu Oleo.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Total Student Enrollment Student Enrollment

Universitas Halu Oleo has an enrollment range of 15,000-19,999 students making it a large-sized institution.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Total Faculty/Academic staff Academic Staff

This institution has a range of 1,000-1,499 academic employees (Faculty).

Universitas Halu Oleo's Control Type Control Type

Universitas Halu Oleo is a public higher education institution.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Entity Type Entity Type

Universitas Halu Oleo is a non-profit higher education institution.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Campus Setting Campus Setting

This institution's main campus is located in a Urban setting.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Academic Calendar Academic Calendar

This institution adopts a Semesters type of academic calendar.

Religious Affiliation

Universitas Halu Oleo does not have any religious affiliation.

Facilities and Services


What are the most common University facilities and services? Read our two guide articles about University Facilities and University Services to learn more.

University Facilities

uniRank provides below an overview of Universitas Halu Oleo's main facilities:

Universitas Halu Oleo's Library University Library

This institution has a physical Library. Visit Universitas Halu Oleo's Library

Universitas Halu Oleo's Housing University Housing

This institution provides housing services such as on-campus residences or dormitories.

At Universitas Halu Oleo, many students come from various districts and cities in Southeast Sulawesi and other provinces. While some students prefer to live in boarding houses near the campus or stay with their families, the university also provides dormitory facilities. These dormitories are specifically designated for students receiving KIP Kuliah and Bidikmisi scholarships, and it is mandatory for them to live in the dormitories for one year.

As of the 2022/2023 academic year, there are a total of 1,742 students residing in the university dormitories. This accommodation option ensures that scholarship recipients have a suitable living environment to support their academic journey at Universitas Halu Oleo.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Sport Facilities/Activities Sport Facilities/Activities

This institution features sporting facilities and organizes sports activities for its students.

Universitas Halu Oleo takes pride in offering a range of sport facilities and activities that contribute to the vibrant campus life. The university has seen its students excel in international events like sepak takraw, representing Indonesia and showcasing their talent on a global stage. Apart from this, there is a diverse selection of sports activities available for students to participate in:

  1. Archery: The university's archery club, known as UKM Panahan UHO, provides an opportunity for students to engage in this precision sport.

  2. Badminton: Students can enjoy playing badminton, a popular racquet sport, as part of the available sporting activities.

  3. Basketball: The university offers facilities and opportunities for students to play basketball, promoting teamwork and physical fitness.

  4. Football: Football enthusiasts can showcase their skills and participate in football matches organized within the university.

  5. Futsal: Futsal, a variant of football played on a smaller indoor court, is also available for students to enjoy.

  6. Tennis: The university provides a tennis court for students interested in playing this dynamic racquet sport.

  7. e-Sport: Recognizing the popularity of competitive gaming, Universitas Halu Oleo offers an e-Sport activity for students to engage in electronic sports.

  8. Sepak Takraw: Apart from the international representation, sepak takraw, a traditional Southeast Asian sport, is available for students to practice and compete in.

  9. Diving: The university's diving club, known as UKM Selam UHO, provides an avenue for students interested in exploring the underwater world.)

  10. Martial Arts: Students have the opportunity to learn and practice various forms of martial arts as part of the university's sports offerings.

  11. Athletics: Athletics activities allow students to participate in track and field events, showcasing their speed, strength, and endurance.

To cater to the needs of the academic community, Universitas Halu Oleo provides several sports facilities, including:

  1. Sport Centre: The Sport Centre serves as a hub for activities such as badminton, sepak takraw, and various martial arts practices.

  2. Tennis Court: A dedicated tennis court is available for students interested in honing their tennis skills.

  3. Outdoor Basketball: An outdoor basketball court offers a space for students to enjoy the sport in an open-air setting.

  4. Track and Field Stadium: The university's track and field stadium provides a venue for students to engage in athletic events and competitions.

  5. Football Yard: A dedicated football yard allows students to participate in football matches and training sessions.

University Services

uniRank provides below an overview of Universitas Halu Oleo's main services:

Universitas Halu Oleo's Financial Aid Financial Aid

Not reported

Students have access to various types of scholarships at the university, including the following:

  1. Bidikmisi: This scholarship program is aimed at financially disadvantaged students and provides financial assistance to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs.

  2. Beasiswa Bank Indonesia: This scholarship is offered by Bank Indonesia and supports students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and leadership potential.

  3. Beasiswa Djarum: Djarum Foundation provides scholarships to exceptional students with a strong academic background, leadership skills, and a commitment to community service.

  4. Beasiswa BCA: BCA (Bank Central Asia) offers scholarships to talented students who excel academically and demonstrate leadership potential.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Study Abroad Study Abroad

This institution offers study abroad and exchange program opportunities for its students.

Universitas Halu Oleo currently offers several exchange programs that provide students with valuable international experiences. Here are the details of the exchange programs:

  1. Fukui University, Japan: Yuyun Sulastri and Sulhaib, students from the Physics Department, are currently participating in a one-year student exchange program with Fukui University in Japan.

  2. RUNTIME Gmbh and Unistaff Gmbh, Germany: From October to December 2022, 12 students are participating in a three-month apprenticeship program organized by SHB Agency in Germany, in collaboration with RUNTIME Gmbh and Unistaff Gmbh.

  3. Japan World Business, Japan: Since 2021, more than 50 students from the Engineering Faculty have been undertaking apprenticeships in various Japanese companies through the Japan World Business program. Participating companies include Yorozu Corporation, Daihatsu Motor Kyushu, Yashiro Kogyo, Yamaguchi Industry, Showa Kinzhoku, and Force One Co. Ltd.

  4. Pompeu Fabra University, Spain: In 2022, a student from the Informatics Department had the opportunity to participate in the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) for six months in Barcelona, Spain. IISMA is a scholarship scheme provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

These exchange programs provide students with the chance to gain international exposure, acquire new skills, and broaden their perspectives. By collaborating with partner institutions and organizations, Universitas Halu Oleo is facilitating opportunities for its students to engage in academic and cultural experiences abroad.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Distance Learning Distance Learning

This institution provides a distance learning mode for certain programs or courses.

Universitas Halu Oleo offers a system called SPADA that facilitates both blended and distance learning. This system is accessible through the website It is a platform used by all lecturers at the university to deliver their courses, ensuring that students can access their subjects even when learning remotely.

By utilizing the SPADA platform, Universitas Halu Oleo enables students to continue their studies and access course materials, regardless of their location. This online platform serves as a central hub where lecturers can upload learning materials, assignments, and resources for students to access at their convenience.

The SPADA platform promotes a blended learning approach by providing students with the flexibility to engage in both in-person and online learning activities. Through this system, students can access lecture materials, participate in online discussions, submit assignments, and collaborate with their peers. It enhances the learning experience and allows for effective communication between lecturers and students.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Academic Counseling Academic Counseling

This institution offers students academic guidance and support to assist them in their academic pursuits.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Career Services Career Services

This institution offers career counseling, career assessments, job and internship postings, career events, alumni networking or other career-related services to assist students transition successfully from academic life to professional life.

Recognition and Accreditation


There are different types of legal recognition and quality assessment of higher education institutions around the world, depending on the country and its legal and higher education system... read our article about university accreditation and recognition to learn more.

Universitas Halu Oleo's Recognition or Accreditation Institutional Recognition or Accreditation

Universitas Halu Oleo is legally recognized and/or institutionally accredited by: Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset, dan Teknologi, Republik Indonesia

Year of first Recognition or Accreditation


Specialized or Programmatic Accreditations

uniRank publishes the following list of the most important Universitas Halu Oleo's programmatic accreditations; feel free to submit any relevant missing specialized accreditations.

  • Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi (BAN-PT) B Ranking

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Memberships and Affiliations


University memberships and affiliations to external organizations can be important for several reasons... read our article about university affiliations and memberships to learn more.

Affiliations and Memberships

Not available; please use the Feedback/Error report form at the end of this page to submit a list of Universitas Halu Oleo's official affiliations and memberships to higher education-related organizations. If you are an official representative of this university you can also claim and update this entire university profile free of charge (UPDATE ALL).

Academic Structure


Academic divisions can provide valuable insights into the range of fields of study and disciplines a University focuses on and the institution's level of specialization. Comprehensive or Generalist Universities typically offer a wide range of academic programs and have many academic divisions and subdivisions across different disciplines, while Specialized Universities tend to focus on a narrower range of programs within a specific field or industry and have fewer academic divisions and a simplified organizational structure. Read our guide article "Understanding Academic Divisions in Universities - Colleges, Faculties, Schools" to learn more about academic divisions and typical university organizational structures.

Academic Structure

uniRank shows a structural diagram of the first-level academic divisions of the Universitas Halu Oleo 's organizational structure; feel free to submit any relevant missing division.


Social Media


Social media can be a powerful tool for Universities to communicate with current students, alumni, faculty, staff and the wider community. But how can social media be important for prospective students? Read our article about the importance of Social Media for universities and prospective students to learn more.

Social Media

uniRank publishes brief reviews, rankings and metrics of some Universitas Halu Oleo's social media channels as a starting point for comparison and an additional selection tool for potential applicants.

Facebook Facebook


Twitter X (Twitter)

Universitas Halu Oleo's X (formerly Twitter) page Universitas Halu Oleo's official Twitter page

YouTube YouTube


Instagram Instagram

Universitas Halu Oleo's Instagram page Universitas Halu Oleo's official Instagram channel

LinkedIn LinkedIn


TikTok TikTok


Free Online Courses

Open Education Global Open Education Global

This higher education institution is not a member of the Open Education Global (OEGlobal) organization that is developing, implementing and supporting free open education and free online courses. View a list of Open Education Global members by country.


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