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This webpage includes a list of officially recognized world Universities, Colleges and other higher-education institutions with an official presence on Twitter and meeting the following uniRank selection criteria:

  • being chartered, licensed or accredited by the appropriate higher education-related organization in each country
  • offering at least three-year bachelor's degrees or postgraduate master's or doctoral degrees
  • delivering courses predominantly in a traditional, non-distance education format

This uniRank page provides some information on the adoption of the social platform Twitter among higher education institutions and leads to the most comprehensive list of Universities with an official presence on Twitter.

Twitter University Rankings by country


Twitter Adoption Rate

Currently 8,471 out of a total of 13,865 higher education institutions included in the uniRank database have adopted an official institutional Twitter page:

  Aug 2018 Mar 2019 Sep 2019 Mar 2020 Sep 2020 Mar 2021 Nov 2022
Total number of Universities in uniRank 13,590 13,598 13,612 13,723 13,813 13,798 13,865
Number of Universities on Twitter 7,410 7,584 7,583 7,867 8,012 8,150 8,471
uniRank Twitter Adoption Rate 54.53% 55.77% 55.71% 57.32% 58% 59.07% 61.09%

Popularity and Engagement factors

University Twitter pages reach different levels of adoption, popularity and engagement depending on various factors including:

Micro Factors

  • the University's reputation and size
  • the University's overall level of online presence, web popularity and distance education adoption rate
  • the University's level of adoption and use of Twitter as an additional channel to the institutional website
Macro Factors
  • the Country's Tertiary Education size
  • the Country's level of Internet usage and connection speeds
  • the Country's level of adoption and use of Twitter as a social media platform

Twitter University Rankings aim and methodology

Some large Universities have adopted multiple Twitter pages associated, for example, to each Faculty and/or to each administrative area (i.e. Admissions, Marketing and Communications, Alumni, etc.). uniRank has chosen the most general institutional Twitter page for each University in order to publish its uniRank Twitter University Ranking for each country and for the top 200 Universities on Twitter listings.
The uniRank Twitter University Ranking's aim is to provide an approximate popularity index of each University in the Twitter social media platform based on the total number of followers; it is not intended to rank higher education organisations or their programs, by the quality of education or level of academic services provided.

Statistical snapshot

Below it is shown the average number of Twitter followers for all University Twitter pages included in the uniRank database and the highest number of Twitter followers achieved by a single University (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; November 2022 data).

  Aug 2018 Mar 2019 Sep 2019 Mar 2020 Sep 2020 Mar 2021 Nov 2022
World Average number of Twitter followers: 11,204 11,488 11,829 11,890 12,845 13,133 13,324
World Highest number of Twitter followers: 3,055,914 3,098,660 3,126,175 3,170,757 3,218,534 3,253,693 3,400,000

Top 200 Universities on Twitter in the world

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