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Directory of Islamic Colleges and Universities in the world.

Islamic Universities and Colleges

List of Universities and Colleges affiliated with the Islamic religion and/or denomination.

Afghanistan Afghanistan

Algeria Algeria

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Bahrain Bahrain

Bangladesh Bangladesh

Egypt Egypt

Ghana Ghana

India India

Indonesia Indonesia

Iran Iran

Iraq Iraq

Jordan Jordan

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan

Lebanon Lebanon

Libya Libya

Macedonia Macedonia

Malaysia Malaysia

Morocco Morocco

Netherlands Netherlands

Nigeria Nigeria

Oman Oman

Pakistan Pakistan

Palestinian Territory Palestinian Territory

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Somalia Somalia

Sudan Sudan

Tanzania Tanzania

Thailand Thailand

Tunisia Tunisia

Turkey Turkey

Uganda Uganda

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

Important: The above list of world Universities and Colleges affiliated with the Islamic religion may be not complete or accurate. Please report errors or suggest missing 4-year degree granting colleges or universities which are officially affiliated with the above religion and/or denomination.

Total number of Universities/Colleges with religious affiliation: 1685
Site last updated: Tuesday, 19 July 2016