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Latvian Higher Education-related Organizations


uniRank publishes a list of Latvian higher education-related organizations. These organizations are public or private entities that focus on issues related to higher education. They may be involved in advocacy, research, policy development, accreditation, quality assurance or other activities related to higher education. These organizations may represent universities, students, faculty, research institutions or other stakeholders in the higher education sector.
Latvian higher education-related organizations can have an international, national, regional or local scope and coverage. uniRank's current higher education-related organizations classification includes 10 categories:

  1. Government Regulatory Organizations
  2. Accreditation or Quality Evaluation Organizations
  3. Qualifications Authorities
  4. University Associations or Alliances
  5. Professional or Industry Associations
  6. Advocacy Organizations
  7. Rectors, Vice-chancellors or Presidents Organizations
  8. Student Unions or Organizations
  9. University Rankings Organizations
  10. Other Higher Education-related Organizations

Latvian higher education-related organizations Latvian higher education-related organizations

Government Regulatory Organizations

Latvijas Republikas Izglitibas un zinatnes ministrija
Founded in 1990, the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science or Latvijas Republikas Izglitibas un zinatnes ministrija (Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia) is a government organization responsible for overseeing and regulating the education and science sectors in Latvia.… learn more

Latvijas Republikas Kulturijas ministrija
Established in 1993, the Latvian Ministry of Culture or Latvijas Republikas Kulturijas ministrija, is a government agency responsible for the development and promotion of cultural activities in Latvia. The ministry is headed by a minister who is appointed by the Prime Minister and approved by the… learn more

Accreditation and Quality Evaluation Organizations

Akademiskas Informacijas Centrs
Akademiskas Informacijas Centrs (AIC) is the Academic Information Centre in Latvia. It is a state-owned non-profit institution that was established in 1995 and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Science.

AIC is divided into three departments:
1) The Quality Agency for… learn more

Augstakas izglitibas kvalitates novertešanas centrs
Established in 1994, the Higher Education Quality Evaluation Centre of Latvia (Augstakas izglitibas kvalitates novertešanas centrs, AIKNC) has three main groups of tasks:
The main aim of the Foundation is to organize examination and quality evaluation of higher education institutions and their study… learn more

Augstakas Izglitibas Padome
Augstakas Izglitibas Padome (Council of Higher Education) is an organization in Latvia that plays a crucial role in the country's higher education system. The council was established in 1995 and is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the development of higher education in Latvia.

The Higher… learn more

Rectors, Vice-chancellors or Presidents Organizations

Latvijas Rektoru Padome
Latvijas Rektoru Padome (Latvian Rectors' Council) is an organization that represents the interests of higher education institutions in Latvia. It was established in 1993 and currently has 26 member institutions, including universities, colleges and academies.

The main role of the Latvian Rectors'… learn more

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