Latvijas Republikas Kulturijas ministrija

Latvijas Republikas Kulturijas ministrija


Established in 1993, the Latvian Ministry of Culture or Latvijas Republikas Kulturijas ministrija, is a government agency responsible for the development and promotion of cultural activities in Latvia. The ministry is headed by a minister who is appointed by the Prime Minister and approved by the President of Latvia.

The ministry's main objective is to support and promote the development of cultural activities in Latvia, including the arts, literature, music, theater, film and cultural heritage. It also aims to promote cultural diversity and to preserve and protect Latvia's cultural heritage.

The ministry is responsible for the development and implementation of cultural policies and programs, as well as the allocation of funding for cultural projects and initiatives. It works closely with cultural institutions, organizations and artists to support their work and to promote cultural events and activities.

One of the key priorities of the ministry is to promote the Latvian language and culture both within Latvia and internationally. It supports the development of Latvian literature, music and other cultural expressions and works to promote Latvian culture abroad through cultural exchanges, festivals and other events.

The ministry also plays an important role in the preservation and protection of Latvia's cultural heritage. It works to protect historic buildings, monuments and other cultural sites and to promote the preservation of traditional crafts and skills.

In addition to its cultural responsibilities, the ministry also oversees the management of Latvia's national archives and libraries, as well as the country's film industry.

Considering all this, according to uniRank the Latvian Ministry of Culture plays a vital role in promoting and supporting cultural activities in Latvia and in preserving and promoting the country's rich cultural heritage. Its work helps to ensure that Latvia's cultural traditions and expressions continue to thrive and evolve, both within the country and on the global stage.

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Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia


K. Valdemara iela 11 a
1364 Riga Latvia


+371 6733 0200


+371 6733 0293

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