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Dining Hall

What does the academic term Dining Hall mean in higher education?

Dining Hall

Dining Hall definition

Short Definition

Dining Hall is a campus facility that provides meals to students and other members of the university community.

In-depth Overview

Dining Hall

Long definition: A dining hall, often referred to as a cafeteria or canteen, is a designated facility within a college or university campus where students, faculty and staff can gather to enjoy meals and refreshments. These establishments typically offer a variety of food options, including self-serve buffets, food stations and seating areas for communal dining.

Etymology: The term "dining hall" originates from the Old English word "h(e)all", which referred to a large communal space and "dine", which means to eat a meal. Over time, it evolved to describe a specific area for dining within educational institutions.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Cafeteria, Canteen, Food Court, Student Union Dining.

Examples of Use:

  • Students often gather in the dining hall for breakfast before their morning classes.
  • The university's dining hall offers a wide range of dietary options, including vegetarian and vegan choices.

Spanish: Comedor Universitario
French: Cafétéria Universitaire
German: Mensa
Italian: Mensa Universitaria
Portuguese: Refeitório Universitário
Japanese: 学内食堂 (Gakunai Shokudō)
Chinese (Simplified): 校园餐厅 (Xiàoyuán Cāntīng)
Hindi: शिक्षा संस्थान का खाना खाने का हॉल (Shiksha Sansthan ka Khana Khane ka Hall)

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Dining Hall

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