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Developmental Courses

What does the academic term Developmental Courses mean in higher education?

Developmental Courses

Developmental Courses definition

Short Definition

Developmental Courses are courses designed to help students develop basic academic skills or to catch up on material that they may have missed in earlier coursework.

In-depth Overview

Developmental Courses

Long definition: Developmental courses, also known as remedial or preparatory courses, are educational classes designed to help students acquire the foundational skills and knowledge necessary for success in college-level coursework. These courses typically focus on subjects like mathematics, writing and reading and they aim to bridge educational gaps and enhance students' academic readiness.

Etymology: The term "developmental" in this context refers to the idea of fostering growth and improvement in students' academic abilities and readiness for higher education.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Remedial Courses, Preparatory Courses, Basic Skills Courses.

Examples of Use:

  • Many students benefit from taking developmental courses in mathematics to strengthen their quantitative skills.
  • She enrolled in a writing remedial course to improve her essay composition before starting her college studies.

Spanish: Cursos de Desarrollo
French: Cours de Rattrapage
German: Förderkurse
Italian: Corsi di Potenziamento
Portuguese: Cursos de Desenvolvimento
Japanese: 発展コース (Hatten Kōsu)
Chinese (Simplified): 发展课程 (Fāzhǎn Kèchéng)
Hindi: विकासी पाठ्यक्रम (Vikāsī Pāṭhyakram)

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