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Course Catalog

What does the academic term Course Catalog mean in higher education?

Course Catalog

Course Catalog definition

Short Definition

Course Catalog is a publication that lists all the courses offered by a university, including course descriptions, prerequisites and credit hours.

In-depth Overview

Course Catalog

Long definition: A course catalog, also known as a course directory or course schedule, is a comprehensive publication or online resource provided by educational institutions, typically colleges and universities. It contains detailed information about the courses offered at the institution, including course titles, descriptions, prerequisites, credit hours, schedules and faculty information. The course catalog serves as a valuable reference for students, faculty and administrators in planning and managing academic programs.

Etymology: The term "catalog" comes from the Greek word "katalogos", which means "a list or register". It has its roots in ancient Greek and Latin, emphasizing the document's function as a systematic listing of courses.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Course Directory, Course Schedule, Academic Catalog, Program Guide.

Examples of Use:

  • Students can explore the course catalog to choose their classes for the upcoming semester.
  • The course catalog contains detailed descriptions of each course, helping students make informed decisions.

Spanish: Catálogo de Cursos
French: Catalogue des Cours
German: Kurskatalog
Italian: Catalogo dei Corsi
Portuguese: Catálogo de Cursos
Japanese: コースカタログ (Kōsu Katarogu)
Chinese (Simplified): 课程目录 (Kèchéng Mùlù)
Hindi: कोर्स कैटलॉग (Kors Keṭalaga)

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