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What does the academic term Counselor mean in higher education?


Counselor definition

Short Definition

Counselor is a professional who provides guidance and support to students in various areas, such as academic, career, personal, or mental health.

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Long definition: A counselor in the context of higher education refers to a professional who provides guidance, support and counseling services to students, helping them navigate academic, personal and career-related challenges. These professionals play a crucial role in assisting students with their educational and personal development, offering advice on course selection, career planning, mental health and more.

Etymology: The term "counselor" is derived from the Old French word "conseiller", which means "to advise" or "to give counsel". It emphasizes the advisory and supportive role that counselors play in assisting individuals.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Academic Advisor, Student Advisor, Guidance Counselor, Educational Counselor, Student Support Specialist.

Examples of Use:

  • The counselor helped me choose the right courses for my major and create an academic plan.
  • Students can make appointments with their counselors for career guidance and mental health support.

Spanish: Consejero
French: Conseiller d'Orientation
German: Berater
Italian: Consulente
Portuguese: Orientador
Japanese: カウンセラー (Kaunserā)
Chinese (Simplified): 辅导员 (Fǔdǎoyuán)
Hindi: सलाहकार (Salāhkār)

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