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Published description: Committed to a focus on the individual student, Longwood University is Virginia's third-oldest public institution, preparing citizen leaders since 1839. With small classes and hands-on learning experiences built into every degree program, Longwood combines the feel, community and traditions of a private college with the accessibility and opportunities of a public university. Longwood University's YouTube channel encourages active discussion and sharing of information and thoughts. While this is an open forum, we ask that you keep your comments civil and clean. All content is subject to YouTube's Community Guidelines. We reserve the right to remove any content found to be inappropriate including, but not limited to: Inflammatory or hateful content, Profanity, Adult themes or indecency, Bathroom humor or references, Libel, Ethnic or racial slurs, Sexist, homophobic or similar content and Personal attacks

Creation date: 2007

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Subscribers: 896
Videos: 242
Views: 229,215
Average number of Views per Video: 947

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