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Published description: Boston University videos on student life, research, campus community and alumni. BU is home to 34,000+ students, 3,870+ faculty, and one terrier named Rhett… Boston University is an international, comprehensive, private research university, committed to educating students to be reflective, resourceful individuals ready to live, adapt, and lead in an interconnected world. Boston University is committed to generating new knowledge to benefit society. We welcome comments on our videos. Just a few guidelines to help us identify and minimize spam: By all means, share your participation in community events, but please don't use the page to ask for money, even if it's on behalf of a worthy cause. By the same token, it's fine to share if you're running for public office, just don't use the page to campaign. We welcome constructive criticism of Boston University and its efforts. Please do not, however, use abusive, antagonizing, or inappropriate language.

Creation date: 2005

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Subscribers: 93,900
Videos: 4,051
Views: 17,206,286
Average number of Views per Video: 4,247

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