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Published description: The Al-Kafaàt University is a private, young and dynamic institution of higher education that was established by our mother organization, the Al-Kafaàt Foundation. The Al-Kafaàt Foundation is a nonprofit, nondenominational, nonpartisan and development organization. It has been delivering rehabilitation and education to people with special needs and social challenges since 1957. More about our mother organization on www.al-kafaat.org The Al-Kafaàt University was established by the Al-Kafaàt Foundation in 1999 in par with its Mission statement and with the objective of delivering affordable and hands-on college education to the youth of Lebanon, without any discrimination. The Al-Kafaàt University is the only university in Lebanon that delivers a barriers-free education on its 60,000 square meters Campus, located in Ain-Saadeh, Fanar Road.

Creation date: 2014

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