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Published description: One of the Leading Private Universities in Amman, Jordan Located in the western part of Amman, Petra University is one of most welcoming universities in Jordan. It is a home to four faculties in a compact and friendly campus. The challenges we face in this century are enormous. We live in a global village and are immediately affected by the surroundings in all walks of life. The overlap of common interests among countries dictates a fresh intellectual approach in dealing with each other. Some of these approaches are: dialogue and respect of differences with others, enhancement of intellectual pluralism and maximizing the common interests and respect the ethnic and religious differences with others. We live in a mosaic cultural heritage which we should understand, respect and live with. Our University has come a long way in a short amount of time and we currently have about 7000 students. Of these are international students from around 30 countries.

Creation date: 2016

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