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Published description: Azim Premji University was established as a not-for-profit, private, automonous university under the Azim Premji University Act 2010. The University has a clear social purpose of working towards a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. Azim Premji University plays a critical role in developing new talent, building capacity in existing functionaries and creating domain knowledge in the fields of education and in development. The Azim Premji Foundation is the sponsor of the University. The roots of Azim Premji University lie in the learning and experience of a decade of work in elementary education by Azim Premji Foundation. The University is one of the Foundation's key responses to the challenges confronting the education and development sectors in India. PLEASE NOTE: Views expressed by the Speakers do not represent the views of Azim Premji University. These videos and public events are for debate and dialogue

Creation date: 2012

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