Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions

Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions


The Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions (ACTI) is a regional organization that represents and advocates for the interests of tertiary level educational institutions in the Caribbean. The organization was established with the objective of promoting the development and advancement of higher education in the Caribbean.

ACTI currently has over 70 member institutions across the Caribbean, including universities, colleges and vocational training centers. The organization works to promote the development of the region's tertiary education sector by supporting research and innovation, advocating for policies that improve access to higher education and promoting regional collaboration and partnerships.

ACTI's activities are centered around three main areas: advocacy and representation, capacity building and training and research and innovation. The organization engages in advocacy and representation activities by lobbying governments and other stakeholders for policies that support the growth and development of the tertiary education sector in the Caribbean.

ACTI also provides capacity building and training for its member institutions, offering professional development opportunities and facilitating the sharing of best practices in areas such as institutional management, curriculum development and quality assurance.

Finally, ACTI supports research and innovation in the region's tertiary education sector, by promoting collaborative research projects and facilitating the sharing of research findings among its member institutions.

Considering all this, according to uniRank the Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions plays an important role in promoting the development and advancement of higher education in the Caribbean and in supporting the region's efforts to build a strong and vibrant tertiary education sector.

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c/o Cipriani College of Labour & Co-operative Studies, Churchill Roosevelt Highway
Trinidad and Tobago


+1 (868) 662 5014


+1 (868) 645 0489

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