Slovak Higher Education-related Organizations


This uniRank page features a list of Slovak higher education-related organizations such as:
  • Ministry of Higher Education
  • Accreditation Agencies
  • University Associations
  • Rectors' Conferences or Councils
  • Qualification Authorities
  • other higher education-related organizations in Slovakia with a local, regional, national or international coverage and focus.

Slovakia List of Slovak higher education-related organizations

  • Akreditacná komisia
    Founded in 1990, the Accreditation Commission (Akreditacná komisia) is a Slovak government advisory body responsible for monitoring and independently evaluating the quality of education, research,…
  • Ministerstvo školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu Slovenskej republiky
    Government ministry that is responsible for determining the policies and direction of the education system in Slovakia.
  • Slovenská akademická asociácia pre medzinárodnú spoluprácu
    Established in 1990, the Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation (Slovenská akademická asociácia pre medzinárodnú spoluprácu) is a non-governmental organization, whose members are…
  • Slovenská akademická informacná agentúra
    SAIA, n. o. is an NGO established in 1990 which through its programmes and services assists in developing internationalisation of education and research in Slovakia. SAIA provides information about…
  • Slovenská Rektorská Konferencia
    The Slovak Rectors' Conference (SRC) is one of the three bodies representing the higher education institutions in Slovakia. The aim of SRC is to coordinate and promote rectors' activities at Slovak…

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