Consorcio de Universidades Mexicanas

Consorcio de Universidades Mexicanas


The Consorcio de Universidades Mexicanas - CUMEX (Mexican Consortium of Universities) is a network of 30 Mexican public and private universities that collaborate to promote higher education and research in Mexico. CUMEX was established in 2005 with the aim of strengthening the quality of higher education in Mexico and promoting academic collaboration and exchange between member universities.

CUMEX promotes the exchange of students, faculty and researchers among member universities and facilitates joint research projects, academic conferences and other collaborative activities. The network also works to promote innovation and entrepreneurship and to strengthen ties between universities and industry.

The Mexican Consortium of Universities plays an important role in shaping higher education policy in Mexico and advocating for the needs and interests of member universities. The consortium has been instrumental in promoting reforms to improve the quality and accessibility of higher education in Mexico and in developing programs to support underrepresented and disadvantaged students.

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Mexican Consortium of Universities




Sonora Mexico


+52 (771) 717 2000 ext 5608

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