Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry of Myanmar

Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry of Myanmar


Established in 1948, the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry of Myanmar is a government ministry responsible for the conservation and sustainable management of the country's forests and natural resources. While the ministry does not have a direct role in higher education, it has an important impact on the environmental science education sector in Myanmar.

The Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry is responsible for setting policies and guidelines for the conservation and management of forests and natural resources in Myanmar. It also provides technical support and guidance to universities and research institutions on environmental issues and sustainable management of natural resources.

In addition, the ministry collaborates with international organizations and academic institutions to promote research and capacity building in the field of environmental science and natural resource management. This includes providing scholarships and funding for graduate studies and research projects, as well as facilitating partnerships with international universities and research institutions.

The ministry also plays a role in promoting environmental education and awareness in Myanmar. This includes developing educational materials and programs on environmental issues, as well as organizing public events and activities to promote environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Considering all this, according to uniRank while the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry does not have a direct role in higher education, it plays an important role in promoting environmental science education and research in Myanmar. By providing technical support and collaboration opportunities, the ministry helps to build the capacity of universities and research institutions to address environmental challenges and contribute to sustainable development in the country.

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ပတ်ဝန်းကျင်ထိန်းသိမ်းရေးနှင့် သစ်တောရေးရာ ဝန်ကြီးဌာန




Office No. 39, Forestry Department
Naypyidaw Union Territory Myanmar


+95 (67) 405 015

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