Ministry of Education of Israel

Ministry of Education of Israel


Founded in 1949, the Ministry of Education in Israel is a government ministry responsible for overseeing the country's education system from preschool to higher education. Its mission is to ensure that all Israeli citizens have access to high-quality education and to promote lifelong learning.

The Ministry of Education sets education policies, approves curricula and provides funding and resources for schools and educational institutions across the country. It is also responsible for licensing and regulating schools and for supervising and evaluating the performance of teachers and educational administrators.

One of the key priorities of the Ministry of Education is to close the achievement gap between different groups of students in Israel, including those from low-income families and those from minority communities. To achieve this, the Ministry has introduced a number of initiatives and reforms aimed at improving the quality of education and expanding access to educational opportunities for all students.

The Ministry of Education also places a strong emphasis on promoting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, as well as on developing students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills. To this end, the Ministry has established a number of specialized schools and programs that focus on STEM and other areas of study.

In addition to its domestic responsibilities, the Ministry of Education is also involved in promoting international cooperation and exchange in education. It works closely with foreign governments and educational organizations to develop joint programs and initiatives and to facilitate the exchange of students and teachers between Israel and other countries.

Considering all this, according to uniRank the Ministry of Education plays an important role in ensuring that Israel's education system is responsive to the needs of all students and to the country's social and economic development.

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משרד החינוך


PO Box 292
91911 Jerusalem Israel


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