Magyar Felsooktatási Akkreditációs Bizottság

Magyar Felsooktatási Akkreditációs Bizottság


Magyar Felsooktatási Akkreditációs Bizottság - MAB (Hungarian Accreditation Committee for Higher Education) is an independent organization in Hungary responsible for accrediting higher education institutions and their programs.

MAB was established in 1993 and operates under the supervision of the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities. Its main role is to ensure that higher education institutions in Hungary meet the required standards of quality and provide high-quality education and training to their students.

Magyar Felsooktatási Akkreditációs Bizottság evaluates and accredits higher education institutions and their programs based on a set of quality criteria that cover aspects such as academic standards, faculty qualifications, research activities, student services and infrastructure. The accreditation process includes a site visit, where an evaluation team visits the institution and reviews its operations and programs.

MAB's accreditation is a prerequisite for higher education institutions to receive funding from the Hungarian government. Accredited institutions are also authorized to award recognized degrees and diplomas to their graduates, which are recognized nationally and internationally.

The Hungarian Accreditation Committee for Higher Education also provides guidance and support to institutions seeking accreditation, as well as information and advice to students and the general public on higher education matters in Hungary. The work of MAB is essential in ensuring that the quality of higher education in Hungary meets national and international standards and contributes to the development of a highly skilled workforce and a competitive economy.

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Hungarian Accreditation Committee




Krisztina krt. 39/B
1013 Budapest Hungary


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