National Accreditation Board, Ghana

National Accreditation Board, Ghana


The National Accreditation Board (NAB) is an organization in Ghana that plays a crucial role in higher education. It is responsible for ensuring that all tertiary institutions in the country meet the required standards for quality education. The NAB was established in 1993 under the National Accreditation Board Act, 1993 (Act 744) to regulate and accredit tertiary institutions in Ghana.

The NAB is responsible for accrediting all tertiary institutions in Ghana, including universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. The accreditation process involves a thorough evaluation of the institution's academic programs, faculty, facilities and resources. The NAB also ensures that the institutions adhere to the guidelines and regulations set by the Ministry of Education.

The National Accreditation Board's role in higher education is critical as it ensures that students receive quality education that meets international standards. Accreditation by the NAB is a mark of quality and assures students and employers that the institution meets the required standards. It also ensures that graduates from accredited institutions are competitive in the job market and can pursue further studies both locally and internationally.

The NAB also plays a vital role in promoting quality assurance in higher education. It provides guidance and support to institutions to improve their academic programs, faculty and facilities. The NAB also conducts regular reviews of accredited institutions to ensure that they maintain the required standards.

In addition to its accreditation role, the National Accreditation Board also serves as a regulatory body for tertiary education in Ghana. It ensures that institutions comply with the regulations set by the Ministry of Education and other relevant bodies. The NAB also provides guidance and support to institutions to develop and implement policies and procedures that promote quality education.

In conclusion, the National Accreditation Board plays a crucial role in higher education in Ghana. Its accreditation process ensures that students receive quality education that meets international standards and its regulatory role ensures that institutions comply with the required regulations. The NAB's efforts have contributed significantly to the growth and development of tertiary education in Ghana, making it a reputable destination for higher education.

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6 Bamako Street, East Legon; PO Box CT 3256
Greater Accra Ghana


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+233 (21) 518 629

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