Kansallinen koulutuksen arviointikeskus

Kansallinen koulutuksen arviointikeskus


Kansallinen koulutuksen arviointikeskus (Finnish Education Evaluation Centre - FEEC), is an independent government agency responsible for evaluating the quality of education in Finland. The FEEC was established in 1991 and operates under the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The primary role of the FEEC is to conduct evaluations of educational institutions and programs in Finland, from primary education to higher education. The evaluations focus on the quality of teaching and learning, as well as the effectiveness of management and administration in educational institutions. The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre also provides feedback and guidance to educational institutions on how to improve their performance.

In addition to evaluations of educational institutions and programs, the FEEC also conducts research on educational issues and publishes reports on trends and developments in the Finnish education system. The agency works closely with other organizations involved in education in Finland, including universities, schools and government agencies.

The evaluations carried out by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre play an important role in ensuring the high quality of education in Finland. They help to identify areas for improvement in educational institutions and programs and provide valuable feedback to teachers, administrators and policymakers. The FEEC's work also contributes to the ongoing development of the Finnish education system and helps to maintain Finland's reputation as a leader in education globally.

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Finnish Education Evaluation Centre




PO Box 28; Mannerheiminaukio 1 A, 6th Floor
00101 Uusimaa Finland


+358 29 533 5500


+358 29 533 5501

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