Agricultural Institute of Canada

Agricultural Institute of Canada


The Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) is a professional organization that represents agricultural professionals and promotes excellence in the agriculture and food sector in Canada. It was founded in 1920 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.

The AIC is committed to advancing the agricultural sector in Canada through the development and sharing of knowledge, as well as promoting the adoption of best practices and innovative solutions. It offers a range of professional development opportunities, networking events and publications for its members.

The AIC also provides certification programs for agricultural professionals, including the Certified Agricultural Professional (CAP) program. The CAP program is designed to recognize individuals who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge, skills and ethical conduct in their agricultural profession. The program is open to professionals in a variety of areas, including agronomy, agribusiness, food science and veterinary medicine.

In addition to its professional development and certification programs, the AIC is actively involved in advocating for policies and programs that support the growth and sustainability of the agriculture and food sector in Canada. The organization collaborates with industry stakeholders, government agencies and other organizations to ensure that the interests of its members and the agriculture and food sector are represented and protected.

Considering all this, according to uniRank the AIC plays an important role in advancing the agriculture and food sector in Canada through its professional development and certification programs, advocacy efforts and promotion of knowledge and best practices.

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9 Corvus Court
K2E 7Z4 Ontario Canada


+1 (613) 232 9459, ext. 303


+1 (613) 594 5190

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