Vlaams Ministerie van Onderwijs en Vorming, België


The Flemish Ministry of Education and Training is the government ministry that is responsible for determining the policies and direction of the education system in the Flemish region of Belgium. "According to the Belgian Constitution, anyone can establish an institution and offer education. But to be a higher education institution and to award degrees, you need to be recognised by the competent authorities.
An institution can only be recognised as a higher education institution, by the federated entities of Belgium (Flemish Community, French Community or German-speaking Community). The federal government does not have the competency to recognise higher education institutions or to grant university status
Unrecognised providers regularly refer to a royal decree to claim recognition. A royal decree can however never grant university status or recognise a provider as a higher education institution. A royal decree is the normal route to be granted legal status as an entity.
Recognised higher education institutions are always included in the Higher Education Register (Flemish Community: highereducation.be) and the Annuaires des établissements d'enseignement supérieur (French Community: enseignement.be).
An institution that is not included in these registers is not recognised as a higher education institution and cannot award recognised degrees.
The Flemish higher education system is open to all types of institutions. An institution that considers itself a higher education institution can ask to be recognised as such. To be recognised, the institution’s programmes need to receive initial accreditation and the institution needs to be registered. Only then the institution is included on the official registers." Source: highereducation.be

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Flemish Ministry of Education and Training of Belgium


Koning Albert II-laan 15
1210 Brussels Belgium


+32 (2) 553 6601


+32 (2) 553 9805

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