European University Association

European University Association


Established in 2001, the European University Association (EUA) is a non-governmental organization that represents over 800 universities and national rectors' conferences in 48 European countries. The EUA was established to promote cooperation and collaboration among European universities and to advocate for the interests of the higher education sector at the European level.

The EUA works to promote the quality and relevance of higher education in Europe by providing support and guidance to universities on issues such as teaching and learning, research and innovation and internationalization. The EUA also works to influence European policy on higher education, research and innovation and to ensure that the interests of universities are taken into account in policy decisions.

The EUA has also been active in promoting diversity and inclusiveness in European universities and has advocated for greater access to higher education for underrepresented groups, such as women, minorities and refugees. The EUA has also been a strong advocate for academic freedom and autonomy and has worked to protect the rights of universities to operate independently of political interference.

In addition, the EUA provides a range of services and support to its member universities, including networking opportunities, training and professional development and access to research and data on higher education trends and issues. The EUA also organizes conferences and events on topics of interest to the higher education sector and publishes research and reports on key issues affecting European universities.

To recap the European University Association plays a significant role in promoting cooperation and collaboration among European universities and in advocating for the interests of the higher education sector at the European level. The EUA's work has contributed significantly to the development of higher education policies and practices in Europe.

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