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University Association

What does the academic term University Association mean in higher education?

University Association

University Association definition

Short Definition

A University Association is an organization of multiple universities sharing common goals and interests and collaborating on research and innovation, academic standards, education policy, academic exchanges or resources and knowledge sharing.

In-depth Overview

University Association

Long definition: A University Association refers to a formal organization or consortium formed by multiple universities or higher education institutions with the aim of promoting collaboration and cooperation in various academic, research and administrative activities. These associations often facilitate resource sharing, joint initiatives and the exchange of knowledge among member institutions.

Etymology: The term University Association combines "university", signifying institutions of higher learning and "association", indicating a structured and cooperative group formed for common purposes.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Academic Coalition
  • Collegiate Consortium
  • Higher Education Network

Examples of Use:

  • The University Association for Research in Science and Technology fosters interdisciplinary collaboration among member institutions.
  • Through the University Association, universities jointly organize international conferences and symposiums.
  • Member universities in the University Association share library resources to enhance access for their students and faculty.

Spanish: Asociación Universitaria
French: Association Universitaire
German: Hochschulverband
Italian: Associazione Universitaria
Portuguese: Associação Universitária
Japanese: 大学協会 (Daigaku Kyōkai)
Chinese (Simplified): 大学协会 (Dàxué Xiéhuì)
Hindi: विश्वविद्यालय संघ (Vishwavidyalay Sangh)

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