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Transfer Credit

What does the academic term Transfer Credit mean in higher education?

Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit definition

Short Definition

Transfer Credit is credit for coursework taken at one institution that is accepted by another institution.

In-depth Overview

Transfer Credit

Long definition: Transfer credit refers to the academic credit that a student earns at one educational institution (sending institution) and can apply toward a degree program at another institution (receiving institution). This credit recognition allows students to transfer completed courses, typically from a community college or another university, to their new educational institution. The purpose of transfer credit is to acknowledge a student's prior coursework and prevent them from retaking equivalent courses when changing schools. It facilitates the smooth transition of students between institutions and ensures that their previous academic achievements are recognized.

Etymology: The term transfer credit is a combination of "transfer", meaning to move from one place to another and "credit", which signifies the value or recognition given for a course or educational achievement.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Transferable Credit
  • Course Equivalency
  • Articulation Credit

Examples of Use:

  • After transferring from a community college to a four-year university, she was able to apply her transfer credits toward her bachelor's degree.
  • The university's admissions office assessed his previous coursework to determine which courses were eligible for transfer credit.
  • Many universities have established agreements with local colleges to facilitate the seamless transfer of course credits.

Spanish: Crédito de Transferencia
French: Crédit de Transfert
German: Anrechenbare Credits
Italian: Crediti di Trasferimento
Portuguese: Crédito de Transferência
Japanese: 修得単位の移行 (Shūtoku Tanni no Ikō)
Chinese (Simplified): 学分转移 (Xuéfèn Zhuǎnyí)
Hindi: स्थानांतरण क्रेडिट (Sthānāntaraṇ Krēḍiṭ)

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Transfer Credit

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