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Trade School

What does the academic term Trade School mean in higher education?

Trade School

Trade School definition

Short Definition

A Trade School is a higher education institution that offers practical training in a specific trade, vocation or profession. It offers skills and knowledge necessary to perform specific jobs in fields such as technology, healthcare or skilled trades.

In-depth Overview

Trade School

Long definition: A trade school, also known as a vocational school or technical school, is an educational institution that focuses on providing specialized training and education in specific trades or occupations. These schools offer programs and courses designed to prepare students for careers in skilled trades, such as welding, plumbing, automotive repair, electrician work, culinary arts and more. Trade schools typically offer hands-on training and practical skills that are directly applicable to the workforce. The goal is to equip students with the knowledge and expertise needed to enter the workforce and pursue successful careers in their chosen fields.

Etymology: The term trade school originates from the concept of learning a trade or craft. The word "trade" itself has Middle English and Old English roots and refers to a skilled occupation or craft.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Vocational School
  • Technical School
  • Trade College

Examples of Use:

  • After high school, he decided to attend a trade school to become a certified electrician.
  • Many trade schools offer accelerated programs that allow students to graduate and start their careers quickly.
  • She enrolled in a culinary trade school to pursue her passion for cooking and become a chef.

Spanish: Escuela de Oficios
French: École de Métiers
German: Berufsschule
Italian: Scuola Professionale
Portuguese: Escola Técnica
Japanese: 専門学校 (Senmon Gakkō)
Chinese (Simplified): 职业学校 (Zhíyè Xuéxiào)
Hindi: व्यापारिक पाठशाला (Vyāpārik Pāṭhashālā)

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