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What does the academic term Thesis mean in higher education?


Thesis definition

Short Definition

Thesis is a research paper or project that a student completes as a requirement for a degree.

In-depth Overview


Long definition: A thesis is a substantial piece of scholarly writing that is typically required for the completion of a master's or doctoral degree in higher education. It represents an original research project or an in-depth exploration of a specific topic within a field of study. A thesis aims to contribute new knowledge, insights or perspectives to the academic community. It involves extensive research, critical analysis and the presentation of findings in a structured document. The structure and requirements of a thesis can vary depending on the academic institution and the specific degree program.

Etymology: The term thesis comes from the Greek word "θέσις" (thésis), which means "a setting down" or "a proposition". It was originally used in rhetoric to refer to the statement or argument in a speech.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Dissertation
  • Research Paper
  • Doctoral Thesis

Examples of Use:

  • She spent two years conducting fieldwork and gathering data for her anthropology thesis.
  • John defended his thesis on climate change in a public presentation before a panel of professors.
  • Writing a master's thesis is a significant milestone in most graduate programs.

Spanish: Tesis
French: Thèse
German: Dissertation
Italian: Tesi
Portuguese: Tese
Japanese: 論文 (Ronbun)
Chinese (Simplified): 论文 (Lùnwén)
Hindi: प्रश्निक (Prashnik)

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