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Support Staff

What does the academic term Support Staff mean in higher education?

Support Staff

Support Staff definition

Short Definition

Support Staff are employees of a university who provide administrative and logistical support to faculty and students.

In-depth Overview

Support Staff

Long definition: In the context of higher education, support staff refers to individuals or employees who work in various non-teaching roles to provide essential services and assistance to faculty, students and the institution as a whole. These roles are vital for the efficient functioning of an educational institution and can encompass a wide range of positions, including administrative assistants, librarians, custodial staff, IT specialists, counselors and more. Support staff members contribute to the overall well-being and success of the academic community by facilitating the daily operations and supporting the needs of students and faculty.

Etymology: The term support has its origins in the Latin word "supportare", which means "to carry from below" or "to sustain". In the educational context, support staff plays a crucial role in carrying out various functions that sustain the institution and ensure its smooth operation.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Administrative Staff
  • Non-Teaching Staff
  • Operational Staff
  • Service Personnel

Examples of Use:

  • The support staff at the university's library assists students in finding and accessing research materials.
  • Administrative support staff manage enrollment and registration processes, ensuring students are properly registered for classes.
  • The dedicated support staff in the IT department provide technical assistance and maintain the campus's computer systems.

Spanish: Personal de Apoyo
French: Personnel de Soutien
German: Unterstützungspersonal
Italian: Personale di Supporto
Portuguese: Pessoal de Apoio
Japanese: サポートスタッフ (Sapōtosutaffu)
Chinese (Simplified): 支持人员 (Zhīchí rényuán)
Hindi: समर्थन कर्मचारी (Samarthan Karmachari)

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