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Student Cohort

What does the academic term Student Cohort mean in higher education?

Student Cohort

Student Cohort definition

Short Definition

Student Cohort is a group of students who enter a program or university together and progress through it together.

In-depth Overview

Student Cohort

Long definition: A Student Cohort refers to a group of students who share common characteristics and are typically admitted to a higher education program or institution during the same academic year or enrollment period. These common characteristics may include factors such as the year of enrollment, program of study, academic major, age or demographic background. Student cohorts are often used for academic and administrative purposes to track and analyze the progress, performance and experiences of a specific group of students over time.

Etymology: The term cohort has its origins in the Latin word "cohors", which originally referred to a group of Roman soldiers. In modern usage, it denotes any group of individuals with shared characteristics or experiences.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Enrollment Group
  • Student Class
  • Peer Group

Examples of Use:

  • The student cohort of 2022 includes students from diverse backgrounds and majors.
  • Colleges may track the academic progress of each enrollment group to assess the effectiveness of their programs.
  • Members of the same peer group often form study and support networks during their college experience.

Spanish: Cohorte de Estudiantes
French: Cohorte d'Étudiants
German: Studentenkohorte
Italian: Coorte Studentesca
Portuguese: Cohorte de Estudantes
Japanese: 学生コホート (Gakusei Kohōto)
Chinese (Simplified): 学生队 (Xuéshēng Duì)
Hindi: छात्र समूह (Chhatra Samūh)

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Student Cohort

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