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What does the academic term Sorority mean in higher education?


Sorority definition

Short Definition

Sorority is a social organization for women in college or university, often with a focus on philanthropy, academic achievement and social activities.

In-depth Overview


Long definition: A sorority is a social organization or club for female students, typically found in colleges and universities. It is part of the Greek life culture and is often characterized by its sisterhood, social events, philanthropic activities and shared values. Sororities offer members opportunities for personal development, leadership and networking.

Etymology: The term sorority is derived from the Latin word "soror", meaning "sister". It emphasizes the bond of sisterhood that members share within these organizations.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Women's fraternity (less commonly used)
  • Greek organization
  • Female social club

Examples of Use:

  • She joined a sorority during her freshman year and formed lifelong friendships with her fellow sisters.
  • The sorority hosted a charity gala to raise funds for a local children's hospital as part of their philanthropic efforts.
  • Membership in a sorority provided her with leadership opportunities and a sense of belonging on campus.

Spanish: Hermandad (in the context of sororities)
French: Sororité
German: Schwesternschaft (in the context of sororities)
Italian: Sororità
Portuguese: Irmandade feminina (in the context of sororities)
Japanese: ソロリティ (Sororiti)
Chinese (Simplified): 姐妹会 (Jiěmèi Huì)
Hindi: सोरोरिटी (Sororitī)

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