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What does the academic term Seminary mean in higher education?


Seminary definition

Short Definition

A Seminary is a higher education institution that offers courses in theology, religious history, philosophy and pastoral skills and focuses on the training and education of individuals for religious ministry (pastors, priests or religious leaders).

In-depth Overview


Long definition: A seminary is an institution of higher education, typically affiliated with a religious denomination, that provides specialized training and education for individuals preparing for careers in religious leadership, ministry, priesthood or related fields. Seminaries offer theological, religious and philosophical studies and they play a crucial role in the formation of clergy and religious scholars.

Etymology: The word seminary has its roots in the Latin word "seminarium", which means "a place of seed". In the context of education, it refers to a place where knowledge, particularly religious knowledge, is sown or cultivated.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Theological school
  • Divinity school
  • Religious college
  • Divinity seminary

Examples of Use:

  • John enrolled in a seminary to study theology and prepare for ordination as a priest.
  • The seminary offers a wide range of courses, including biblical studies, ethics and pastoral counseling.
  • Many seminaries require students to complete internships or practical experience in local churches as part of their training.

Spanish: Seminario
French: Séminaire
German: Seminar
Italian: Seminario
Portuguese: Seminário
Japanese: 神学校 (Shingakkō)
Chinese (Simplified): 神学院 (Shéngxuéyuàn)
Hindi: धर्मशाला (Dharmashala)

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