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Residence Hall

What does the academic term Residence Hall mean in higher education?

Residence Hall

Residence Hall definition

Short Definition

Residence Hall is a dormitory or housing facility for college or university students.

In-depth Overview

Residence Hall

Long definition: A residence hall, also known as a dormitory or dorm, is a housing facility on a college or university campus designed to provide accommodation to students. These buildings consist of individual rooms or suites, shared common areas and facilities like bathrooms and communal kitchens. Residence halls play a crucial role in student life, offering a place for students to live, socialize and interact with their peers while pursuing their higher education.

Etymology: The term residence hall is a straightforward combination of "residence", meaning a place where one lives and "hall", referring to a large building or room. It denotes a building specifically designated for student living quarters.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Dormitory
  • Dorm
  • Student Housing

Examples of Use:

  • Many students choose to live in the residence hall during their freshman year to experience campus life more fully.
  • The university offers a variety of dormitory options, including single and shared rooms, to accommodate students' preferences.
  • Living in a student housing facility can provide opportunities for forming lifelong friendships.

Spanish: Residencia Universitaria
French: Résidence Universitaire
German: Studentenwohnheim
Italian: Residenza Universitaria
Portuguese: Residência Universitária
Japanese: 寮 (Ryō)
Chinese (Simplified): 学生宿舍 (Xuéshēng Shùshè)
Hindi: विद्यार्थी आवास (Vidyārthī Āvās)

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Residence Hall

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