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Recreational Facilities

What does the academic term Recreational Facilities mean in higher education?

Recreational Facilities

Recreational Facilities definition

Short Definition

Recreational Facilities are facilities on a college or university campus that are designed for leisure or sports activities.

In-depth Overview

Recreational Facilities

Long definition: Recreational Facilities refer to dedicated areas or spaces within a higher education institution that are designed and equipped for leisure, physical activity and extracurricular pursuits. These facilities are essential for promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle among students, faculty and staff, offering a wide range of amenities, equipment and programs to support physical fitness, relaxation and social interaction.

Etymology: The term recreational derives from the Latin word recreare, meaning "to refresh" or "to restore". Facilities designated for recreation aim to provide individuals with opportunities to relax and revitalize their well-being.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Leisure Facilities
  • Campus Recreation Centers
  • Extracurricular Spaces

Examples of Use:

  • Students can access the recreational facilities on campus, such as the fitness center, swimming pool and sports fields, to engage in physical activities.
  • The university's recreational facilities offer various wellness programs, yoga classes and intramural sports leagues to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Faculty and staff are also encouraged to use the recreational facilities to de-stress and build a sense of community.

Spanish: Instalaciones Recreativas
French: Installations Récréatives
German: Freizeiteinrichtungen
Italian: Strutture Ricreative
Portuguese: Instalações Recreativas
Japanese: レクリエーション施設 (Rekuriēshon Shisetsu)
Chinese (Simplified): 休闲设施 (Xiūxián Shèshī)
Hindi: मनोरंजन सुविधाएँ (Manoranjan Suvidhāen)

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