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What does the academic term Provost mean in higher education?


Provost definition

Short Definition

Provost is the chief academic officer of a college or university, responsible for overseeing its academic programs and policies.

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Long definition: A Provost, in the context of higher education, is a senior administrative officer responsible for overseeing the academic affairs and operations of a university or college. The role of a Provost often includes managing academic programs, faculty, research and strategic planning to ensure the institution's educational mission is fulfilled.

Etymology: The term "Provost" has its origins in Old English and Old French. In Old English, "profost" referred to a chief magistrate or head of a town, while in Old French, "provost" meant a chief steward or official. Over time, the term evolved to represent a high-ranking academic administrator in a university.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Chief Academic Officer
  • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Academic Vice President

Examples of Use:

  • The Provost is responsible for developing and implementing the university's academic policies.
  • Under the guidance of the Provost, the university expanded its research programs.
  • She was appointed as the Provost of the university after a national search for top academic leadership.

Spanish: Vicerrector Académico
French: Doyen des Affaires Académiques
German: Prorektor
Italian: Prorettore
Portuguese: Pró-Reitor
Japanese: 学務担当副学長 (Gakumu Tantō Fukugakuchō)
Chinese (Simplified): 教务长 (Jiàowù Zhǎng)
Hindi: शैक्षिक कार्यों का प्रबंधनकर्ता (Shikshik Karyon Ka Prabandhakarta)

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