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Peer Tutoring

What does the academic term Peer Tutoring mean in higher education?

Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring definition

Short Definition

Peer Tutoring is a program in which students tutor other students in a particular subject.

In-depth Overview

Peer Tutoring

Long definition: Peer tutoring refers to a learning strategy in which students help and teach their fellow students in an educational setting. In this collaborative approach, students with a better understanding of a subject or topic provide assistance and guidance to their peers who may be struggling in that area. Peer tutoring can take place informally or as part of organized programs and it aims to enhance students' comprehension and academic success.

Etymology: The term "peer tutoring" combines "peer", meaning someone of the same age or status and "tutoring", denoting the act of teaching or guiding. It emphasizes the idea of students assisting their peers in their learning process.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Student Tutoring
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Peer Teaching

Examples of Use:

  • Peer tutoring sessions are held every week to help students with math difficulties.
  • The school's peer tutoring program pairs high-achieving students with those who need extra support in various subjects.
  • Research shows that peer tutoring can lead to improved academic performance and greater confidence among students.

Spanish: Tutoría entre Pares
French: Tutorat Entre Pairs
German: Peer-Nachhilfe
Italian: Tutoraggio tra Pari
Portuguese: Tutoria entre Pares
Japanese: ピアチュータリング (Pia Chūtaringu)
Chinese (Simplified): 同龄辅导 (Tónglíng Fǔdǎo)
Hindi: सहकर्मी शिक्षण (Sahakarmī Śikṣaṇ)

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Peer Tutoring

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