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Part-time Faculty

What does the academic term Part-time Faculty mean in higher education?

Part-time Faculty

Part-time Faculty definition

Short Definition

Part-time Faculty are instructors who are not employed on a full-time basis but are hired to teach one or more courses.

In-depth Overview

Part-time Faculty

Long definition: Part-time faculty, often referred to as adjunct faculty, are educators employed by educational institutions, primarily colleges and universities, who work on a contractual or temporary basis. They typically teach courses or provide instructional services without having the same full-time commitments and benefits as tenured or tenure-track professors. Part-time faculty members may bring specialized expertise and real-world experience to their teaching roles.

Etymology: The term "part-time" refers to working or being employed for only a portion of the standard or full working hours. "Faculty" is derived from the Latin word "facultas", meaning "ability" or "power", and in this context, it pertains to a group of educators.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Temporary Faculty
  • Contract Faculty
  • Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Examples of Use:

  • The department hired several part-time faculty members to meet the increased demand for introductory courses.
  • Part-time faculty often balance their teaching roles with other professional commitments.
  • She worked as an adjunct professor, teaching evening classes while pursuing her doctoral degree.

Spanish: Profesor de Tiempo Parcial
French: Enseignant à Temps Partiel
German: Teilzeitdozent
Italian: Docente a Tempo Parziale
Portuguese: Professor de Meio Período
Japanese: 非常勤講師 (Hijōkin Kōshi)
Chinese (Simplified): 兼职教师 (Jiānzhí Jiàoshī)
Hindi: आंशिक समय के अध्यापक (Ānśik Samay Ke Adhyāpak)

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