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Non-traditional Student

What does the academic term Non-traditional Student mean in higher education?

Non-traditional Student

Non-traditional Student definition

Short Definition

Non-traditional Student means a student who may not fit the traditional mold of a college student, such as an older student or a student with work or family obligations.

In-depth Overview

Non-traditional Student

Long definition: A non-traditional student, often referred to as a mature student, is an individual pursuing higher education who does not fit the typical profile of a college or university student. Non-traditional students are often older than traditional students, have significant work or life experience and may have responsibilities such as full-time jobs, families or military service. They may enroll in higher education programs part-time, online or through evening and weekend classes to accommodate their unique circumstances.

Etymology: The term "non-traditional student" originated from the recognition that these students deviate from the traditional college or university experience.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Mature student
  • Adult learner
  • Returning student

Examples of Use:

  • Many non-traditional students balance full-time jobs and family responsibilities while attending evening classes.
  • Sarah returned to college as a non-traditional student after spending several years in the workforce.
  • Non-traditional students often bring a wealth of life experience to the classroom.

Spanish: Estudiante no tradicional
French: Étudiant non traditionnel
German: Nicht-traditioneller Student
Italian: Studente non tradizionale
Portuguese: Estudante não tradicional
Japanese: 非伝統的な学生 (Hidenpōteki na gakusei)
Chinese (Simplified): 非传统学生 (Fēi chuántǒng xuéshēng)
Hindi: गैर-पारंपरिक छात्र (Gair-pāraṁparik chhātr)

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