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Mode of Delivery

What does the academic term Mode of Delivery mean in higher education?

Mode of Delivery

Mode of Delivery definition

Short Definition

Mode of Delivery is the method used to deliver a course or program, such as in-person, online, or hybrid.

In-depth Overview

Mode of Delivery

Long definition: Mode of Delivery in higher education refers to the method or format through which academic courses and educational content are provided to students. It encompasses various approaches, including in-person, online, hybrid and distance learning, which determine how students access and engage with course materials and instruction.

Etymology: The term "mode" comes from the Latin word "modus", meaning "manner" or "method". "Delivery" in this context refers to the conveyance or distribution of educational content to learners.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Instructional Format
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Learning Mode

Examples of Use:

  • The university offers courses in both online and traditional mode of delivery to cater to diverse student needs.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions had to transition from in-person to remote mode of delivery.
  • Hybrid mode of delivery combines online and face-to-face instruction to provide flexibility for students.

Spanish: Modalidad de Entrega
French: Mode de Livraison
German: Liefermodus
Italian: Modalità di Consegna
Portuguese: Modo de Entrega
Japanese: 配信モード (Haisin Mōdo)
Chinese (Simplified): 交付方式 (Jiāofù Fāngshì)
Hindi: प्रसारण का मोड (Prasaran Ka Mod)

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