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What does the academic term Minor mean in higher education?


Minor definition

Short Definition

Minor is a secondary field of study that a student may pursue in addition to their major.

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Long definition: A minor is a secondary field of academic study that complements a student's major in higher education. It consists of a focused set of courses in a specific discipline or interdisciplinary area, typically requiring fewer credits than a major. Minors provide students with an opportunity to explore their interests in greater depth and gain knowledge and skills in addition to their primary area of study.

Etymology: The term "minor" is derived from the Latin word "minor", meaning "less" or "smaller". In the context of education, it signifies a lesser academic program compared to a major.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Secondary Area of Study
  • Concentration
  • Subsidiary

Examples of Use:

  • She majored in Biology with a minor in Environmental Science to broaden her knowledge in ecology.
  • Many students choose to pursue a minor in a foreign language to enhance their global communication skills.
  • His minor in Computer Science provided valuable programming skills to complement his major in Business Administration.

Spanish: Menor
French: Mineur
German: Nebenfach
Italian: Minore
Portuguese: Menor
Japanese: マイナー (Mainā)
Chinese (Simplified): 辅修 (Fǔxiū)
Hindi: छोटा (Chhota)

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