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What does the academic term Major mean in higher education?


Major definition

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Major is the primary field of study that a student is pursuing in a degree program.

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Long definition: A major in higher education refers to a student's primary field of study or specialization within their degree program. It represents a focused area of academic interest and is typically a requirement for completing a bachelor's degree. Majors vary widely and can include disciplines such as mathematics, psychology, history, biology or computer science. Students often take a series of courses related to their chosen major, culminating in a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Etymology: The term "major" comes from the Latin word "major", meaning "greater" or "more important". In the context of education, it signifies the primary area of emphasis in a student's academic journey.

Synonyms or related academic terms:

  • Field of Study
  • Concentration
  • Specialization

Examples of Use:

  • She decided to declare a major in economics because of her interest in financial markets.
  • Students often choose their majors based on their career goals and personal interests.
  • He completed his major requirements in chemistry and then pursued a master's degree in the same field.

Spanish: Carrera
French: Majeure
German: Hauptfach
Italian: Principale
Portuguese: Maior
Japanese: 専攻 (Senkou)
Chinese (Simplified): 专业 (Zhuānyè)
Hindi: प्रमुख (Pramukh)

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