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Graduate School

What does the academic term Graduate School mean in higher education?

Graduate School

Graduate School definition

Short Definition

A Graduate School is a division of a college or university that offers postgraduate or advanced degree programs.

In-depth Overview

Graduate School

Long definition: A Graduate School is a specialized academic institution or division within a university that offers advanced education and research opportunities beyond the undergraduate level. It is dedicated to providing graduate and postgraduate programs, including master's degrees, doctoral degrees and graduate certificates. Graduate schools offer a wide range of fields of study, enabling students to pursue in-depth research, specialized knowledge and advanced skills in their chosen discipline.

Etymology: The term "graduate" signifies that these institutions focus on postgraduate education, typically after the completion of a bachelor's degree. The word "school" refers to the academic institution or division responsible for delivering advanced education and research programs.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Postgraduate School, School of Graduate Studies, Postgraduate Division.

Examples of Use:

  • She decided to attend Graduate School to pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology.
  • The Graduate School of Business Administration offers a prestigious MBA program.
  • Many students aspire to gain admission to top Graduate Schools for their field of interest.

Spanish: Escuela de Posgrado
French: École Supérieure de Postgraduation
German: Graduiertenschule
Italian: Scuola di Specializzazione
Portuguese: Escola de Pós-Graduação
Japanese: 大学院 (Daigakuin)
Chinese (Simplified): 研究生院 (Yánjiūshēng Yuàn)
Hindi: स्नातकोत्तर विद्यापीठ (Snātakottar Vidhyāpīṭh)

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Graduate School

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