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Full-time Faculty

What does the academic term Full-time Faculty mean in higher education?

Full-time Faculty

Full-time Faculty definition

Short Definition

Full-time Faculty is academic staff members who are employed by a college or university on a full-time basis.

In-depth Overview

Full-time Faculty

Long definition: Full-time faculty members, also known as "tenure-track faculty" or "permanent faculty", are educators employed by colleges or universities on a full-time basis. They hold ongoing positions and are typically responsible for teaching, research and various academic duties within their respective departments. Full-time faculty often have long-term contracts and may pursue tenure, which grants them additional job security and academic freedom.

Etymology: The term "faculty" traces its origins to the Latin word "facultas", meaning "ability" or "skill". In higher education, it refers to the collective body of teaching and research staff. "Full-time" indicates their employment status.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Tenure-track faculty, permanent faculty, full-time professors, academic staff.

Examples of Use:

  • Full-time faculty members often engage in scholarly research in addition to teaching.
  • She joined the university as a full-time faculty member in the Department of History.
  • Many students seek guidance from full-time faculty for academic and career advice.

Spanish: Profesor de tiempo completo
French: Enseignant à temps plein
German: Vollzeitdozent
Italian: Docente a tempo pieno
Portuguese: Professor em tempo integral
Japanese: 常勤教員 (Jōkin Kyōin)
Chinese (Simplified): 全职教员 (Quánzhí Jiàoyuán)
Hindi: पूर्णकालिक शिक्षक (Pūrṇakālik śikṣaka)

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