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Entrance Exam

What does the academic term Entrance Exam mean in higher education?

Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam definition

Short Definition

Entrance Exam is an assessment test required by some universities to evaluate prospective students' academic abilities and knowledge in a specific area.

In-depth Overview

Entrance Exam

Long definition: An entrance exam, also known as an admission test, is an assessment that prospective students are required to take as part of the application process for admission to an educational institution, such as a university, college or professional school. These exams are designed to evaluate a student's knowledge, skills and readiness for the academic program they wish to enter. The results of entrance exams often play a significant role in determining whether a student is accepted into their desired program.

Etymology: The term "entrance exam" is a straightforward combination of "entrance", indicating the act of entering or gaining admission and "exam", short for examination, which refers to a formal assessment. Its etymology reflects its purpose as an assessment taken to gain entry to an educational institution.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Admission Test, Entry Test, College Entrance Exam, University Entrance Exam.

Examples of Use:

  • She spent months preparing for the entrance exams to secure a place in the medical school.
  • Scoring well on the entrance exam is crucial for gaining admission to top-tier universities.
  • Some institutions offer alternative admission pathways for students who may not perform well on entrance exams.

Spanish: Examen de ingreso
French: Examen d'entrée
German: Aufnahmeprüfung
Italian: Esame di ammissione
Portuguese: Exame de admissão
Japanese: 入学試験 (Nyūgaku Shiken)
Chinese (Simplified): 入学考试 (Rùxué Kǎoshì)
Hindi: प्रवेश परीक्षा (Pravesh Pariksha)

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