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What does the academic term Enrollment mean in higher education?


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Enrollment is the process of registering for classes and officially becoming a student at a university.

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Long definition: Enrollment, in the context of higher education, refers to the process of officially registering and becoming a student at an educational institution. It involves submitting necessary documentation, paying tuition fees and selecting courses or programs of study. Enrollment typically marks the beginning of a student's academic journey at a college or university.

Etymology: The word "enrollment" is derived from the Middle English word "enrollement", which originated from the Old French word "enroler", meaning "to record in a roll or register". This reflects the historical practice of keeping records of individuals joining an organization or institution.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Registration, Matriculation, Admission, Enlistment.

Examples of Use:

  • Before the start of each semester, students must complete the enrollment process by signing up for classes and confirming their attendance.
  • University enrollment has steadily increased over the past decade, reflecting a growing interest in higher education.
  • Online enrollment systems have simplified the registration process for both students and institutions.

Spanish: Matriculación
French: Inscription
German: Einschreibung
Italian: Iscrizione
Portuguese: Matrícula
Japanese: 入学
Chinese (Simplified): 注册
Hindi: पंजीकरण

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