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What does the academic term eLearning mean in higher education?


eLearning definition

Short Definition

eLearning means electronic learning, often referring to online or web-based courses.

In-depth Overview


Long definition: eLearning, short for "electronic learning", refers to the use of digital technology, primarily the internet and computers, to facilitate learning and education. It encompasses various forms of online instruction, courses and resources that allow learners to access educational content remotely, often asynchronously and engage in self-paced or structured learning activities.

Etymology: The term "eLearning" is a portmanteau of "electronic" and "learning", highlighting the integration of electronic or digital technologies into the educational process.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Online Learning, Virtual Learning, Digital Learning, Internet-Based Learning.

Examples of Use:

  • Many universities offer eLearning programs to accommodate remote students.
  • eLearning platforms often feature video lectures, quizzes and discussion forums.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, eLearning became the primary mode of education for students around the world.

Spanish: Aprendizaje en línea or Educación en línea
French: Apprentissage en ligne
German: E-Learning
Italian: Apprendimento online
Portuguese: Aprendizado online
Japanese: オンライン学習 (Onrain Gakushū)
Chinese (Simplified): 网络学习 (Wǎngluò Xuéxí)
Hindi: ई-शिक्षा (Ee-Shiksha)

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