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Educational Opportunity Program

What does the academic term Educational Opportunity Program mean in higher education?

Educational Opportunity Program

Educational Opportunity Program definition

Short Definition

Educational Opportunity Program is a program designed to provide support and resources to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In-depth Overview

Educational Opportunity Program

Long definition: The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is an initiative within higher education institutions, primarily in the United States, designed to provide access and support for students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and may face educational barriers. EOPs offer a range of services, including academic advising, tutoring, financial aid and mentorship, to help these students succeed academically and graduate from college.

Etymology: The term "Educational Opportunity Program" reflects its primary mission of providing educational opportunities to those who might face barriers to higher education due to financial or social circumstances.

Synonyms or related academic terms: EOP, Opportunity Programs, Access Programs.

Examples of Use:

  • The Educational Opportunity Program at this university has helped countless first-generation college students achieve their academic goals.
  • John was able to attend college thanks to the support provided by the university's Educational Opportunity Program.

Spanish: Programa de Oportunidades Educativas
French: Programme d'Opportunités Éducatives
German: Programm für Bildungschancen
Italian: Programma di Opportunità Educative
Portuguese: Programa de Oportunidades Educacionais
Japanese: 教育機会プログラム (Kyōiku kikai puroguramu)
Chinese (Simplified): 教育机会计划 (Jiàoyù jīhuì jìhuà)
Hindi: शिक्षा अवसर कार्यक्रम (Shiksha avasar karyakram)

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