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Degree Requirements

What does the academic term Degree Requirements mean in higher education?

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements definition

Short Definition

Degree Requirements are the courses and other requirements that a student must complete to earn a degree.

In-depth Overview

Degree Requirements

Long definition: "Degree Requirements" are the specific criteria and academic components that students must fulfill to earn a particular academic degree. These requirements typically include completing a set number of credits, specific courses, exams, projects or a thesis and meeting any other conditions set by the educational institution.

Etymology: The term "degree" originates from the Latin word "degressus", meaning "a step or a stage". "Requirements" come from the Old French word "requerre", meaning "to seek, ask for". Together, "Degree Requirements" signify the steps or criteria one must fulfill to attain an academic degree.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Graduation Requirements, Academic Requirements, Credential Criteria.

Examples of Use:

  • The degree requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in History include 120 credit hours and a senior thesis.
  • She reviewed the degree requirements for the Master of Business Administration program.

Spanish: Requisitos del Título
French: Exigences du Diplôme
German: Abschlussanforderungen
Italian: Requisiti del Titolo
Portuguese: Requisitos do Grau
Japanese: 学位要件 (Gakui Youken)
Chinese (Simplified): 学位要求 (Xuéwèi Yāoqiú)
Hindi: डिग्री की आवश्यकताएँ (Degree Ki Aavashyaktaayein)

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