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What does the academic term Credits mean in higher education?


Credits definition

Short Definition

Credits are units of academic measurement awarded for the completion of a course, usually based on the number of hours of instruction.

In-depth Overview


Long definition: "Credits" in higher education refer to the unit of measurement used to quantify a student's academic workload and progress. They represent the value assigned to a course, indicating the amount of time and effort required to complete it successfully. Credits are essential for tracking a student's academic standing, determining eligibility for graduation and facilitating the transfer of coursework between educational institutions.

Etymology: The term "credits" has its roots in the Latin word "credere", which means "to believe" or "to trust". In academia, it symbolizes the trust and recognition given to a student's academic achievements, which contribute to their progress toward a degree.

Synonyms or related academic terms: Units, Course Hours, Academic Units, ECTS Credits (used in the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

Examples of Use:

  • Each course in the program is worth three credits, totaling 120 credits required for graduation.
  • She transferred her earned credits from the previous university to her current institution.

Spanish: Créditos
French: Crédits
German: Credits
Italian: Crediti
Portuguese: Créditos
Japanese: 単位 (Tanni)
Chinese (Simplified): 学分 (Xuéfèn)
Hindi: क्रेडिट्स (Kreḍiṭs)

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